Terms and Conditions

  • Owner: Betalab Innovation SL (GEEKSHUBS)
    Address: Avda Cataluña nº 11, 46020 Valencia (España/Spain).
    CIF: B98625940.
    Register: Mercantile Register of Valencia in Volume 9774, Folio 182, Page V-158872.
    E-mail: rgpd@geekshubs.com

    1. The organisation reserves the right to limit access to any person who:

    – Is not duly registered.

    – Is in an obvious state of intoxication or shows signs of having consumed any type of illicit substance.

    – Causes or incites any disorder within the event or has previously caused proven disturbances.

    – Makes offensive or discriminatory comments regarding gender, sexual orientation, physical appearance, race or religion.

    2. The organisers may, at any time, ask those attending to prove their identity with their ID card, passport or any other valid original identification document.

    3. It is strictly forbidden to record, broadcast, film or script the event without prior authorisation from the organisers.

    4. The organisers reserve the rights to record, rebroadcast and film the attendees.

    5. Payment must be made by credit or debit card (Visa or Mastercard only).

    6. If you wish to request an invoice, please send an email to v.costa@geekshubs.com and indicate the following information:

    – Company name or name and surname (if you are self-employed).
    – CIF/DNI.
    – Fiscal address (address, postcode, city and province).
    – Name and surname of the contact person.
    – Telephone number of the contact person.
    – Contact person’s e-mail address.
    – Attendee’s details (name and surname).

    The deadline for requesting an invoice is the month in which the payment has been made.

    7. Refund of the ticket is not allowed. If the ticket can be donated or the name can be changed free of charge, please write to ctosummit@geekshubs.com.

    8. Onsite software is used for registration management, but no personal information is shared.