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Las Rozas, Madrid


13-14 June

Why attend

Why attend

Innovative technology

It’s about the future (advances with the big social impact and technology).

Talent in IT teams

Skills to know and manage IT teams. The talent of the technological sector.


Assist CTOs and tech leads (76% have 10 or more years of experience).

Business for CTOs

CTO and IT teams empowerment and add value to the business.

CTOs Fest

Live an immersive experience and enjoy fun moments with people who share your passion.


Assist CTOs and tech leads (76% have 10 or more years of experience).

About CTO Summit

CTO Summit is a CTO fest. The first and only event for CTOs and tech leaders in Spain. It offers conferences by top IT industry leaders (mainly CTOs, Tech Leads, VPs of Engineering…) and networking to overcome the big technological challenges. 

The conferences are about innovative technology and for social good, talent management in IT teams and business for CTOs.

CTO Summit is a GeeksHubs’ initiative, founders of the Geek Community. GeeksHubs is a company that promotes technological talent thought training and IT recruitment.

Be speaker

Our speakers are rockstars. If you want to be rockstar this is your event.

To be rockstar you have to complete the form with all the information before 4th March 2024 (remember to read the bases) and a technology committee will evaluate the proposal.

Choose your thematic axes:


Technologies and programming language to high level. Advances with the big social impact and technology. Emerging technologies

Talent management - HR

Skills to know and manage IT teams.
The talent of the technological sector.

Business for tech leads

Create business to the company when you are tech lead. Empowerment to CTO and IT teams.





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Mashooq Badar

Mash is a pragmatic software craftsman always looking to improve his software creation skills and helping others do the same. He firmly believes that a well-rounded software craftsman must have a keen interest in all aspects of software creation, including; process, people, technology, user experience, development, operation, maintenance, and social impact. He relishes the daily challenges that Codurance brings to him–stretching his existing knowledge and expertise allowing him to constantly grow as a professional.

Mash is an advisor and a leader. During his diverse career, he has succeeded in invigorating large ailing software projects as well as creating highly effective software teams and departments. His broad and deep technical knowledge, organisational skills, craft focus, and empathy to people involved have been integral to his success. He has worked in many roles for charities, investment banks, consultancies, government, media and cloud providers. He prides himself at being a hands-on software developer and believes that software development skills are very hard to learn and the best way to maintain them is to apply them.

Laura Marqués

I am passionate about exploring the intersection between people, leadership, and successful data. My mission is clear: empower individuals to foster a data-driven culture in the company and lead the way in Decision Intelligence. With a solid track record in the world of data across various sectors, I currently direct my efforts in the corporate realm of Adevinta as the Head of Corporate Data & Analytics. My background as a mathematician by vocation is combined with a profound fascination for the central role that data plays in all areas of our lives, and, of course, in the strategic impact it generates in businesses. Dynamism, energy, and restlessness are the three words that best define me. #DataLover

José Manuel de la Chica

CTO of Santander Universities and Universia Holding (Santander Group) since 2019. Former Global Venture Architect at BBVA-NDB in the areas of Venture Building, Open Platform, Banking as a Service and Innovation. He has dedicated his career to the digital transformation and acceleration of companies and to working on the convergence of emerging technologies.

He teaches in Programmes and Masters in Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain & DeFi, Innovation Management and Complex Problem Solving, as well as collaborating in different technology forums and organisations. Co-author of WealthTech Book and ex-founder of startups with a high digital component.

Lorena Gil

I am a Computer Engineer graduated from the University of Burgos. My background includes a Master in Internet Business at ISDI, a Data Science Bootcamp at IE, and participation in a seminar on Digital Transformation at Harvard. I started my career in the service sector with the City Council and Caja de Burgos. Since 2013, I have been at ASTI Mobile Robotics, contributing to industrial software development and leading the transition towards agile methodologies. I played roles as Site Manager, coordinating AGVs projects, and then as Director of Digital Transformation and IT, leading projects in IoT, Cloud, Big Data, and more. Following the acquisition by ABB in 2022, I lead the IT/IS integration and Digital Transformation applications at AMR. I also collaborate as a mentor in entrepreneurship projects, give trainings at universities and speak at technology events.

Silvia Valero

Silvia Valero is currently the Chief Product Manager at Sesame HR, the HR software that helps companies digitise and optimise processes related to employee management. She is responsible for the exponential growth of the product and its international expansion. She also has a long experience in the Artvisual group, where she was responsible for infrastructure, IT operations, information systems and security since 2015. On the other hand, she is an active speaker; she has collaborated as a speaker at numerous events, as well as giving classes in different masters and courses related to technology. She has a degree in Audiovisual Communication from the University of Valencia and has experience in SEO and Content, but decided to give a twist to her professional career and trained in a self-taught way in programming and product: Javascript, Docker, Kubernetes, UX/UI or AWS for Big Data; in addition to training in systems and infrastructure and security and team management.

Diego Suárez

Passionate about technology, he tries to stay on the cutting edge of anything that has an operating system on top or underneath it, so he keeps his brain trained and exercises the versatility needed to do his job as efficiently as possible. DevOps, Media Delivery, Agile, Scripting, software architecture and design, all of that and in touch with the user.

Carlota Mateos

Carlota Mateos founded RUSTICAE in 1996, the leading brand for boutique hotels in Spain with more than 250 hotels in 15 countries. In 2016, she founded PlenEat, a pioneering project that set up company canteens with 100% certified organic food. In 2022, together with rock star entrepreneurs such as Diego Ballesteros, Jordi Miró, Iñigo Juantegui or Alejandro Artacho, she co-founded, a platform for the prevention of mental health problems among entrepreneurs. She is a board member and trustee of Fundación Diversidad and was recognised by the World Economic Forum as a Young Global Leader for her strong commitment to impact entrepreneurship, regenerative economy, diversity and the fight against climate change.

Manuel Maldonado

Computer science MSc with over 20 years of professional experience developing digital products using a wide variety of technologies and programming languages. He also has relevant experience in managing technical teams to deliver high-quality products, with a focus on topics such as productivity, clean code, and performance optimization. Over the past few years, he has directed his interests towards topics such as machine learning, cloud infrastructure, and security.

Pawel Dolega

I've been in tech for the last 20 years - starting from software engineer, team lead, entrepreneur, engineering manager and director. I am now CTO at where I am responsible for driving the company’s technology direction. I help companies use modern technology to build great products and transform enterprises into digital-native companies. I am a technical executive, entrepreneur, engineer, analyst, debater, father, climber, and thinker. I like building things - both from a technology and business perspective.

Sergio Aguado

He holds a degree in Computer Engineering from the Universitat Jaume I of Castelló and an Executive Master's Degree in Artificial Intelligence from the Artificial Intelligence Institute (IIA). After participating in several web and mobile development projects as an employee, in 2011 he founded Cuatroochenta together with Alfredo R. Cebrián. In these more than 12 years, he has held in the company different positions of technical responsibility and management of IT teams as CIO or CTO. In 2021 he promoted the Cuatroochenta Chair of Artificial Intelligence, Health and Welfare of the Universitat Jaume I. He enjoys his work very much and his strong point is to know most of the existing technologies and to be up to date with the latest developments, in order to apply them to specific challenges and projects.