You will receive an email from the platform Enterticker with all the relevant info. They will proceed with the refund according to the new ticket price. (Early Bird tickets 50€). For example, if you bought your tickets at a 99€ price, you’ll receive a reimbursement of 49€. Refunds will be effective from October the 6th.

The answer is yes, you can proceed with ticket devolution until day 5th of October included then Enterticket will fully refund you the amount you paid for the face-to-face event. Feel free to request it following this link.

Refunds will be effective from October the 6th.

You will be able to purchase your ticket up until the 16th of November, that is to say, one day before the event. 

As this is just an online event, this year CTO Summit capacity is, as you might have guessed, unlimited. We hope to reach more geeks than ever, so spread the word!

Yes, indeed! During the early bird sales it will not be effective because cost will be the same. After the day 15th of October when reduced price tickets stop being for sale, you can keep in touch with us through email and we will let you know everything you need to provide us so we can check that you are a student and how to apply your discount. 

Of course it is! Enterticket online tickets sale platform will take care of this, you just have to contact them through email at administracion@enterticket.es providing details of your petition. 

Some days before the event you will receive a link with your platform access code to enter Brella. This will enable you to see all the contents in there, speeches, round tables, workshops, interviews…

Yes, you will. After each speech there will be a question and answer round with the speaker which will be conducted by our MC, Alex Barrera. Timing for this will be around 10 minutes more or less. Soon we will tell you how to be the first to ask!

Networking at CTO Summit comes with a prize! But you must not participate if you don’t wish. Yes, we will not stop remarking that it is going to be a top business opportunity, besides from how cool it is to meet people, projects, enterprises and even be able to talk with our sponsors. Also, the TOP Networkers ranking will comprise a special surprise… The platform Brella works with its own artificial intelligence system 1:1 with people sharing your very same interests. Just days before the event you will know more about this experience.

Rewind and watch it again

If you want to know where to find all the content after the workshops and talks stay tuned…

Where do we find the content of the presentations once they have taken place?
We will upload the content in the same section where the exclusive interviews are. You have to go to the «More» tab on the left hand side Brella’s menu and click «Watch it again».

When will we find that content?
The content will be uploaded the day after the workshop or talk. In the case of talks you will find the recorded videos, the live Q&A section will be uploaded later, as we need some time to edit them.

How long will it be available?
The content will remain available on the platform for 10 full days after the event, so you will be able to see it until December 1st inclusive.

Workshops consist of activities which unite both theory and practice, so to speak, we will have a little presentation followed by a Live Coding dynamic hand in hand with some of the sector top notch coders.  😉

You might have guessed that comfort is the key word for this edition. So, you will not need to download or install absolutely nothing. The event is just one click away from you but if you are a mobile lover, you have the Brella app to your disposal.

Mainly through our social networks Twitter (@geeksctosummit ) and Instagram (@gkctosummit), you can stay tuned of all the latest news we will keep publishing.