28/29th MAY 2020
Valencia Conference Centre

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Marc Oliveras

Marc Oliveras is CTO and VP Engineering at Tiendeo.

For more than 20 years involved in IT Sector, he founded his own software development company and helped several companies in their technological and organizational transformation around the world.
Agile & Lean practicioner and believer, Marc is teaching in different schools like ESADE, FIB, GeeksHubs…

He usually manages and builds up teams and areas of up to 200 people (currently at Tiendeo they grew from 25 to 80 people in the IT&Product Team in less than 2 years) using Agile, Lean and Management 3.0 principles and a strong customer-oriented strategy.

Javier Vélez

Javier Vélez is the leader of Technological Development in Front Channel Architecture at BBVA.
Doctor in Informatica since 2009, he dedicates himself to university teaching and research, at the same time as he carries out consultancy and technical training activities for companies. He is currently immersed in the innovation of Web technologies. In addition, he is also involved in evangelization and outreach activities in various IT communities.

Ana Aldea

Ana Aldea is the director of Datasocial, which is a digital marketing agency specialized in social networks for brands and media. For more than 10 years she has been a teacher of social networks in the main business schools.

Alejandro Barrera

CEO at The Aleph Report (thealeph.com) where he writes about the strategic implications of cutting-edge technology and helps companies understand how to survive the future. Through his consultancy side, he helps translate the innovation vision of the CEO into reality within the organization through innovation culture training, hands-on workshops, storytelling and Agile approaches.
Prior to this he cofounded two major startup accelerators, worked with business models, startup valuations, communication and message crafting, startup PR, lean startups methodologies, customer development and product design.
He is a regular mentor at several accelerators worldwide, he closely works with a couple of international conferences helping run their startup competitions and pitching training. He is also an international speaker in multiple conferences, including keynote speaker at several TEDx Events, The Economist Summits or Global Shaper by WEF.

Kei Shimada

Mr. Kei Shimada serves as Chief Executive Officer and President of Infinita Inc. Mr. Shimada is responsible for corporate strategy and in charge of domestic and international sales. He serves as the Global Director of Innovation and Business Development for Dentsu where he focuses on both initiating and leading a Dentsu Aegis group wide innovation initiative.
Mr. Shimada’s experience in the mobile, telecommunications, manufacturing and security industries, He was deep expertise in corporate strategic planning, human resources and sales/marketing. He also works to create new solutions around wearables, neural technology, locational big data and crisis management infrastructures, going beyond the traditional advertising business to cultivate new business opportunities. As an entrepreneur in Japan in 2004, he successfully established and ran Infinita Inc., one of Japan’s first multinational mobile research, consulting and development firms.
He is the Regional Director of Japan for Wearable World, a San Francisco – based startup dedicated to fostering a community for thought leaders in Wearables and the Internet of Things. He worked for Matsushita Electric, Lucent Technologies, Cybird and Synchro, all leading companies in their respective industries. He has been Member of Advisory Board of Manhattan Venture Partners since April 14, 2015. Mr. Shimada was graduated from Waseda University in 1996.

Carlos Buenosvinos

Carlos is the VP of Technology at XING, he is an Extreme Programmer and has more than 20 years of experience in the development of mobile and web applications. He contributed to the success of startups such as eBay, Atrapalo, Pc Components or Lowpost. His main areas of expertise are the Agile Team Management, Best Development Practices and Digital Transformation. Also, he created Ansistrano, the most starred Ansible Galaxy role. He is also the author of the book “Domain-Driven Design in PHP”.

Nuño Lopez

More than 12 years of experience in the IT sector. 10 of them working hard at coches.com as a partner, CMO and CPO. In addition, he is a mentor in Google Campus accelerator, director and professor of the MDBM of The Valley, investment fund consultant… He says he does not like to describe himself, that’s why we say that he is one of the greatest professionals in Spain, impossible not to learn massively from him.

Justyna Adamczyk

Justyna is the tech recruiter and HR Business Partner at Carto. She has more than 10 years of international experience, she worked in startup organizations in Spain and the Netherlands. Besides she is specialized in the sourcing, recruiting and motivating top tech talent across the world. She also collaborating as a teacher with Universidad Europea in Valencia and Geekshubs.

María José Millán

María José Millán is Marketing and Strategy Director for Visualfy, a social impact company that creates AI technology for deaf people and institutions commited to accesibility. Specialist in Branding, Corporate Communication and Digital Marketing, she has been professor at the University of London and the University of Southampton, and has participated in leading marketing and sales training programs at international institutions such as the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Boston (MIT), Salesforce or Hubspot.
As a consultant, she has led projects for global brands in fashion, travel, lifestyle, hospitality or technology, acquiring in-depth knowledge in the development and implementation of multichannel marketing strategies and developing strategic relationships with customers around the world. He has lead strategy, marketing and business development departments in agencies such as We are Marketing or CuldeSac.
She is currently director of the Digital Marketing Master’s Programme at and professor at the UX & User experience Master’s Degree, both at Kschool, and post-graduate professor at ISEM, the Fashion Business School of the University of Navarra. As a volunteer, she advises entrepreneurial projects with a social impact.

Bárbara Martínez

Data driven profesional who believes in measurement and data analysis as the main key to control, meet and optimize business objectives. Background in project management, online marketing and ecommerce management. Large experience in SEO, SEM, Online Mkt campaigns.

13 years of experience in leading and managing digital projects for national and international brands such as L’Oreal, Garnier, Diageo, Vodafone, MasterCard, Warner Home Video, General Motors, Coca-Cola, Movistar, Carrefour, Iberia Airlines…

Currently working as Global Head of UX/UI Design, Digital Analytics and Optimization.
I also work as freelance and professor on my free time.

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Javier Vélez

Javier Vélez is the leader of technological development in Front Channel Architecture at BBVA. Known as a doctor in Informatics since 2009, he dedicates his self to university teaching, also research and carrying out consultancy. He is in immersion in innovation of technologies for the Web. Moreover, Javier participates in activities which are in order to sensitize IT communities.

Margarita Albors

The Founder & President of Social Nest Foundation, Margarita works- and make a change- at the place where business, investment, and impact collide.

She has been focusing on impact since 2009, first working at the NGO Women’s Initiative for Self Employment in California (USA) before founding Social Nest. Previously, Margarita worked for the multinational pharma GlaxoSmithKline in the UK and in the food company Bonduelle in Spain.

As an international speaker, she frequently participates in different forums talking about social entrepreneurship, impact investment and women in tech.

Margarita holds a Master in Management from Harvard University, a Strategic Management and Social Leadership Program from IESE Business School (with a scholarship from Fundacion Rafael del Pino) and a Masters in Science in Industrial Engineer from the Polytechnic University of Valencia

Miguel Andrés

Miguel Andres is an Argentinian IT Executive, Entrepreneur and Computer Science Researcher with more than 15 years of experience. Throughout his career, he has focused his talent and energy on improving people’s lives with technology. He started up his own company in 2004, PuntoAr, a company providing IT services. He is now part of the 5% of Google’s engineer force as a Software Engineer. Among his greatest contributions, was his lead on the Google Pay Transit product (the product has launched across the globe and today involves 100+ people) as well as the Google Pay Launch in Japan.

Lourenço Viana

Lourenço Viana is Service Design & Research Lead in Mango, where he works to give coherence to physical and digital experiences. He has also created the «Design Research Lab» of the company, with the purpose of bringing the equipment closer to real users. He is currently studying the Doctorate in Design at the Faculty of Architecture of Lisbon, investigating how Service Designers help contribute to the transformation of organizations.

Fernando Díaz

Selling lechugas @mercadonatech as director of engineering, previously eBay.
Globetrotter XP team builder. Enthusiast of continuous delivery and iterative process for both engineering and product.

Elena Gonzalez-Blanco

General Manager of Europe at CoverWallet, Elena González-Blanco is an Artificial Intelligence and Digital Innovation expert with a special focus on language technologies and interdisciplinary international projects. She has been Head of Artificial Intelligence Product Development at Minsait by Indra, and she is also a renowned international researcher, as Principal Investigator of the H2020 European Research Council Excellence Project POSTDATA (1M€+).
Intra-entrepreneur within the Spanish university, she was the Director and Founder of LINHD (Digital Innovation Lab and IT solutions provider). Executive Committee/Advisory Board Member of key European digital research infrastructures and international associations (President of the Spanish Digital Humanities Association, Member of the Executive Commitee of the European Alliance for Digital Humanities, Secretary of the International Alliance for Digital Humanities Organization, and member of the Advisory Board of the CLARIN ERIC EU Research Infrastructure, among others). PhD in Spanish Philology and awarded 1st National MA Price in Spanish Studies and Classics has developed researching and teaching activities at Harvard University, King’s College, UNAM, Bonn and UNED. Fluent speaker of English, French, German and Italian. Recognized as one of the Top100 Female Leaders in Spain (2016, 2017, 2018) www.lastop100.com, and awarded with Julián Marías Prize 2017 for researchers under 40 years. She has been #1 in the Choiseul Ranking “100 Economic Leaders for the Future of Spain” 2018. Mother of 4 children.

Giulia Motteran

Multidisciplinary nerd for all the things tech, Giulia is currently building bridges between 4YFN and the top tech communities around the globe to bring together weird and wonderful collaborations that foster the international ecosystem. At 4YFN, she also heads up the communities program, responsible for culture, experience, networking and beers from Shanghai to LA and quite a few places in between.

Jorge Oteo Garcia

Jorge Oteo is CTO at Grupo Vocento, he has more than 25 years of experience in the Spanish media: Unidad Editorial, Prisa and Vocento. Besides, he’s one of the 25 Cybersecurity influencers in Spain and Member of Executive Board CIO Executive.

Alberto G. Toribio

Alberto G. Toribio is a Blockchain & Innovation Specialist, he is working in the innovation area of Bankia thanks to his experience creating the first Blockchain startup with a banking partner. Among his experience he has led Big Data projects in companies such as Stratio. He founded Coinffeine, the first Blockchain startup owned by a bank and also a Blockchain consulting company.

Björn Linder

Björn Linder is VP of Engineering at New Work SE / XING.com and has more than 16 years of experience in the development of mobile, web and data applications.
Currently he is responsible for 2 business units at New Work SE.
XING E-Recruiting and HalloFreelancer.com have more than 60 engineers and are located in Valencia and Barcelona.
In the 8,5 years with XING.com he built some major large-scale networking products (e.g. user profile and the activity stream) with modern technologies like React, GraphQL, Elixir and Scala.
As member of the CTO team he currently is responsible for IT strategy implementation.
Main projects are growing the tech organization (e.g. new development center in Valencia), Technology management as well as Cloud and DevOps transformation.

His main areas of expertise are the Lean product development, System dynamics, Digital transformation and Large-scale IT-applications.

Jordi Miró

Family CoFounder with Mariela. Father of Lucía (L1), León (L2) and Laia (L3).
The Hotels Network CTO. Helping the company scale the product and technology teams. Introducing agile methodologies and best technology practices.
20 years of experience in multiple countries and company sizes. Passionate about my work. Love technology, business and operations.
Lernin Games coFounder. Founded in 2017 and sold it in 2019.
Worked as CTO at wuaki.tv (acquired by Rakuten Group) since April 2011 for more than 5 years. Joined the company when it was about 10 people and lead the Engineering team until leaving the company. Helped the company to grow the business, technology and operations, and during the acquisition by Rakuten in summer 2012. Created Rakuten IT Procurement team with other IT Executives.
Several years in IT Consulting, focusing in banking and telecom. Started working in PwC Consulting (later acquired by IBM BCS), moved to DMR Consulting (actually Everis) and later to Venezuela and USA. Jordi was the co-founder of Mixsic LLC, a web technology company that built weall.tv (a content delivery network in Latin America) and Feedtrace, a real-time recommendation engine for digital content that was sold to Real Time Media in 2011.
Experience in developing businesses, leading teams in different project’s phases, building architectures and businesses solutions, managing client’s relationships, finding capital… Serial Internet Entrepreneur.

Jorge Gómez Sancha

With more than 15 years in leadership positions, Jorge is well known in the Startup ecosystem for his experience running Product and Development teams. His background is in Software Engineering, but pretty soon found himself managing teams of developers and designers and obsessing about how teams should work, how to best develop software and successful products and how to optimise for happiness as well as for productivity.

He is most proud of BeBanjo, the company he co-founded in 2008 and later sold to the TDF group, as well as of his time in CARTO, where he led Technology and Product for the last 3 years as Chief Dev. Officer. He recently co-founded Tinybird.co, a startup focused on making data teams more productive through simple and highly scalable real-time APIs. He also teaches at Instituto Tramontana, where he co-directs the Program for Product Direction.

Nerea Luis

PhD in Artificial Intelligence and currently working as Artificial Intelligence Engineer at Sngular. She is an active and award-winning researcher and scientific communicator. In 2016, she won the Google Anita Borg scholarship for her technological initiatives carried out altruistically in parallel to her academic career. Among them is T3chFest, a free technology outreach event (2000 attendees) that also promotes and highlights the lack of diversity in that sector. In 2018 the COTEC Foundation selected her as an expert in Technology, Talent and Gender within its network «Los 100 de Cotec». That same year she was selected as a scientific advising technician, in the Science in Parliament initiative promoted by the Congress. Also in 2018, it has won the Innovative ICT recognition by the Cybervolunteers Foundation and the Business Insider has recognized her as one of the 23 talents under 35 for leading the technological revolution. Recently, she has been awarded by the Royal House with the award for the Civil Merit Order.

Alex Puig

Alex Puig is the founder of Alastria, the world’s first regulated national network for Blockchain. He is Caelum Labs’ CTO and co-chairs Inatba’s Identity Working Group.
A software developer by trade, Alex links the coding and corporate worlds with innovative creativity and inspirational energy.
He advises governments, public administration agencies and supranational organisations in Self-Sovereign Identity and Blockchain.
Alex sees technology as a way to improve society, and advocates for a reshaping of the internet to make it more secure and empowering. This is why he is focused on improving the digital privacy of all citizens.

Luis Peralta

Luis has held several engineering leadership roles across a variety of companies, including failed and successful startups but also big corporations (11870.com, Tuenti, Schibsted/Adevinta). He currently leads the logging and analysis team in Google Maps, in the beautiful and cold city of Zurich. Challenges that require driving change in the technical and human dimensions are what gets him excited.

Elisenda Bou-Balust

Elisenda Bou-Balust is CoFounder and CTO of Vilynx -an AI company revolutionizing how machines understand and learn by themselves- and Associate Professor at UPC. In Vilynx, Elisenda leads a team of more than 40 PhDs and MsCs in Computer Vision, Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence, to build the first self-learning AI brain. Elisenda specializes in Artificial Intelligence, Satellites and Complex Distributed Systems. She has worked on Autonomous Satellite missions, in cooperation with University of Maryland, MIT, NASA and Google.
–I love to work with amazing people and try to push the boundaries of technology and science with them. I have always been passionate about crafting ideas and changing the world and I am lucky to call this my full-time occupation. Reach me to talk about Complex Systems, AI, Knowledge Graphs/Ontologies and Deep Learning. Especially if you are interested in Emergence and Reasoning!

Daniel González Vilalta

Designing products and services since 2000. Always building from user needs and trying to make colleagues feel as comfortable as possible at work. Terra Lycos, Redbility, Inteliens, Tribal… and now, Orange Bank, the most beautifull challenge: how to design a bank from scratch in a design driven company.

Elisa Martín Garijo

Elisa Martin Garijo is Chief Technology Officer for IBM Spain, Portugal, Greece and Israel, a Distinguished Engineer, and a member of the Leadership team of the IBM Academy of Technology.

In her CTO role, Elisa leads technology and innovation in the country with the main objective of stimulating smart solutions in Spanish companies and institutions using technology and innovation as drivers. In this role her responsibility is to transmit innovative experiences and technology to enterprises and society and bringing value by connecting clients with IBM Research.

Joan Molinas

I’m a passionate about Mobile technologies. Creating mobile apps since iOS was not as fancy as right now, Steve jobs was alive and Swift has not a line of code. In the last 8 years I helped to grow up multiple startups and stay consolidate others, at the beginning as a freelance and right now with my Digital Agency. Always working remotely and pushing the mobile experience to the next level through code and design.

Juan Pablo Costanzo

A Product Design Leader, with over 18 years in designing UX strategies for global products in organizations such as PayPal, Alibaba, Walmart and Oracle. Now working as the Head of Product Design at Mercadona, helping to establish a collaborative company culture and increasing the design team’s efficiency by encouraging interdisciplinary teamwork while providing steady leadership.

Andrés Pedreño

Andrés Pedreno is the co-founder of IT&IS and promoter of AlicanTEC. Besides, he was the rector of the University of Alicante (1993-2000).

David Rey

David Rey is the Chief Data Officer at Idealista/data, he has more than 15 years of experience in Data & Analytics and Technological companies in range of industries. He is the founder and CCO&CFO at Wildbit Studios, in addition he co-founded eXternalTest.com, an online services monitoring service.

Alejandro Escobar Díaz

Con 22 años fundó Aitire. Empresa especializada en sistemas de alta disponibilidad, almacenamiento, desarrollo web y la administración de servicios de infraestructura online. Desde 2011 lidera la compañía desde su posición de CEO. Recientemente, con el lanzamiento de Datos101 se incorpora al proyecto como CTO, empresa especializada en copias de seguridad y continuidad de negocio.

Susana Juan

As Cloud Product & Partners Business Manager at Arsys, Susana Juan coordinates the commercial launch of company’s solutions for professional and Channel clients. She also manages the company’s strategic relationships with its partners with the aim of consolidating Arsys’ leadership in the Internet professional services market.
Computer Engineer by the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid and Master in Business Administration and Management by the Instituto Universitario de Administración de Empresas (IADE), Susana Juan has an extensive experience in hosting and Cloud solutions sales departments, consulting and technical support service. She joined Arsys in 2013 from Microsoft. Previously, She had developed his professional career in IT consulting, training and conferences areas in Soluciones NT and in the Escuela de Organización Internacional (EOI).

Sergio Furio

Born in Spain, Sergio Furio is the Founder & CEO of Creditas, the leading online secured lending platform in Brazil. With 700 employees, the company is one of the top fintech players in Latin America and a reference in both innovation and talent management. By using consumers’ properties, Creditas cuts the high interest rates that Brazilians pay for traditional consumer lending. Creditas has received US$85mn in funding from leading international VCs including Redpoint eVentures, Kaszek, QED, IFC (World Bank), Vostok Emerging Finance among others. Before founding Creditas in 2012, Sergio was a strategy consultant at The Boston Consulting Group and an investment banker at Deutsche Bank.

Francisco Fernández

With more than 20 years of experience in Information Technology, I currently have the opportunity of leading the enterprise architecture department at ING Bank Spain.

A great opportunity to:
• Respond to the business transformation expectations and external change drivers (innovation, fintechs, IT and banking trends…).
• Drive making of solution architectures for changes at short and medium term and define strategic solution architectures for long term.
• Be trusted advisor at board level for business stakeholders. Construct change roadmaps to align all stakeholders.
• Own and manage architecture processes aligned with agile way of working.
• Safeguard the Enterprise by providing Data Consistency and Security Principles for the Domains.
• Ensure alignment of delivery teams to the target architecture: providing fwks, cookbooks, patterns, best practices…

Believer in technology as a clear enabler for businesses transformations and economic development in society.

You can make awesome things with the technology but even more with an engaged team: people will stay over the companies.

Alejandro Escobar

At the age of 22, he founded Aitire. Company specialized in high systems availability, storage, web development and administration of online infrastructure services. Since 2011, he has led the company as CEO.
Recently, with the launch of Datos101, he has joined as CTO position.
Datos101 specialized company in security backup and business continuity

Nuño López

More than 12 years of experience in the IT sector. 10 of them working hard at coches.com as a partner, CMO and CPO. In addition, he is a mentor in Google Campus accelerator, director and professor of the MDBM of The Valley, investment fund consultant… He says he does not like to describe himself, that’s why we say that he is one of the greatest professionals in Spain, impossible not to learn massively from him.